Working with Steps to Simple was such a great experience! Cassandra was a pleasure to work with, and did such a great job of setting me at ease with regard to my embarrassment about allowing someone else into my closet. In the days following our closet purge and re-organization, there were honestly times when I would just open a drawer or my closet door just to peek in and revel in the tidy, organized space. It feels so good to know where everything is, and to be able to easily see and access my clothing. Even after “finishing” the process, I still find there are days when I try something on, think “nah, I don’t love it.” and put it into the donation bin, instead of back into the closet. Working with Steps to Simple helped me to prioritize only having things that I love and work for me, and that has left me with a closet full of clothes that I enjoy wearing and feel great in, and has pushed me to try different and more creative ways of using the clothing that I have. The principles Cassandra used are also overflowing into the rest of my life as I consider whether the things I have are actually helping me to live the life I want.

—Rachel, Downtown Hamilton


Cassandra, you were so great to work with. The passion you have for living simply was so evident in your work, and was contagious! You have an amazing vision for a simple closet and all that it can offer to someone. I had no idea how much a simple closet could influence my life. A simple closet gave me a new sense of excitement for dressing and made me more comfortable with who I am – I definitely would never have been able to do this on my own!

You gave me the tools I needed to make a closet that works for me and to be able to make it a lifestyle change for me. Having less in my closet has been so freeing, I now have more time to spend doing the things I love.

Having a capsule wardrobe has really simplified my life. Before my capsule wardrobe I would open my closet and feel overwhelmed. I had no system, no organization and it was mostly made up of clothes taking up space that I didn’t wear. My routine was to open the door find something comfortable and close the door on the mess. I now open the door, I see less yet it’s as if I can see more clearly. I have less yet I have options that work in different combinations. I have less yet I know the pieces in my closet are ones that I love and I am completely comfortable and confident in.IMG_2338

The homework was so beneficial for me. Taking time to think through who I was and what I spent most of my time doing really influenced the choices I made for my wardrobe. I now have a plan and I am confident making decisions on clothes that I need and what I will be most comfortable in. I often spontaneously bought clothes with no plan or if they would be practical in how I spent my time. I owned a lot of clothes that were for a different life than the one I currently live! I now have a plan and a list of items that will work with my lifestyle. I can now walk into a store and not feel overwhelmed with all the options, I go home with items that I know will work for me. I know what I am looking for and that has eliminated so many bad purchases for me. A simplified closet has led to a simplified life. It’s easy to make a quick decision dressing, I can see everything I have and know that it all works for me.

My overall experience was better than I had hoped for! I had no real idea what I was signing up for. I thought it would be a quick closet cleanup but this experience has left me feeling more confident in so many areas of life. I felt all the steps were very helpful and necessary. My favourite part now is my list of what I need and wants for my capsule wardrobe.

—Erica, Hamilton Mountain