The Great Wardrobe Organization


Dear readers,

As we’ve been preparing for our Big Little Move to our adorable 600 square foot apartment, I’ve had to do some serious wardrobe culling. If you can recall my current wardrobe size (you can find more about that here), you might be shocked to learn that my new custom wardrobe is little more than half that size!

Something that has been my saving grace in this whole capsule amputation (yes, sometimes it feels painful to part with a few things that just won’t fit in our new place) is a little book entitled “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing” written by Marie Kondo. It. Is. The. Shiz.

I mean, LOOK at that photo up there. That is seriously every single t-shirt and knit I own. Using the konmarie method of organizing my clothes not only keeps my clothes from getting wrinkled (I can no longer hang the majority of my clothing), but it also saves a TON of space!! There is not much that gets me as fired up as an aesthetically pleasing, well organized masterpiece such as the example in that photo. I’m totally nerding out here!!!!!

If you too are needing to find space saving methods to make your life easier and keep your wardrobe larger than you think possible in a tight space, please, please pick up this book and let it’s message change your freaking life.

That is all.


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