Simple In The City: If These Walls Could Talk

Wow, this week has really gotten away on me. We are elbow deep in projects over here in our home, prepping for our Big Little Move and the arrival of our tenants in just a few more weeks! We are making some serious headway now, and I’m excited to show you in stages what we’ve been working on. I’m so so proud of our little home-to-be!

A Few Recent Highlights:




We’ve got walls! They are even painted, at that!



We’ve got lights!




Fancy walls.



We’ve even got our fire alarm hooked up and ready.

Since I took these photos, a TON has changed already! I can’t wait to show you our custom cabinets, the kitchen counter project that Ryan is working on right now, and the stairs with built in storage. Over the next few weeks and months, I hope to take you through the last weeks of building, apartment details, focus in on a few projects that we’re particularly excited about, and talk about what it’s like to live in and share a smaller space with a family. Stayed tuned, everyone!

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