Simple In The City: Electrical and Plumbing

Ryan is back to his regular full-time job now, but wow! Did he ever make a ton of progress over the month of February! The first Tuesday in February was the day the concrete floor was poured. Let me show you where we are at now!


Shower base installed, along with plumbing.


Our daughter’s room, all framed in, with electrical and a box out for the water meter.


Kitchen and wiring. All of our wiring was done with a permit and inspection, by the way. Everything is to code.


Check out these bad-ass posts Ryan put in! We’ll be leaving them exposed, which I think is really going to add to the overall look and feeling of the apartment.


Here’s the other side view of those posts, and a good look at E’s play-house.




And there you have it! Framing, electrical and plumbing all finished. We are hoping to put in the insulation this weekend. Can you believe it? We are going to be able to start putting up the drywall soon enough, which is so so exciting!

Before I sign off, I really want to thank those who gave us a helping hand with these last few tasks. We so appreciate your hard work, expertise and generous hearts! It takes a village to raise a house, too.

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