Simple in the City: A ‘First Look’ at the Apartment

Hey All!

As you know, we’ve been working on our basement for some time now, stripping it, digging it out, and prepping it for refinishing. Well, we’re finally getting to the refinishing part!

Here’s a peek at some of the progress we’ve made in the last week and a half, as well as a ‘first look’ tour.

                                               Prepping the floor for insulation foam and concrete.

Here’s the foam all laid out, it acts as a water-barrier and an insulator all in one! The brown stuff on the walls is delta wrap, and also is a water-barrier, ensuring that any water that may leak through the 100 year old foundation will stay behind the walls and sink back into the sandy ground harmlessly.

Here Ryan is spray foaming the edges between the two vapour/water barriers, just to spite the water. Really the concrete will seal it all.


Ryan showing off how much head room he has in our Hamilton basement while standing in the dining area.

Here the concrete has been poured (with the help of several good friends) and is dry, and Ryan is making headway with laying the subfloor. In this view, we’re looking from the living area and through the will-be galley kitchen. Ryan is standing in the dining area, by the bathroom door. The window you see will be our daughter’s bedroom window.

Here’s the bathroom! It seems small, but it is/was/will be a full bathroom. There is room for a tub, but we opted for a shower instead. We’ll have a tub tap and a bucket for the little one in the glass shower.

A better look at what will be our daughter’s room. When its all said and done, it’ll be about 6 by 7 1/2 feet. Definitely room for more than one toddler bed or crib in there, so there is room for our family to grow yet.

A closer look at the window, because Ryan and his dad had to cut right through 19 inches of the foundation to get this one in!! It’s eastern facing, too, so the daylight we will get into the apartment from it will make a huge difference.

Here’s the galley kitchen, in front of the furnace and water heater tank room. See the black pipes sticking up? The sink and the dishwasher will go there.

Looking through the kitchen to the living/sleeping area. We plan to have built in closets along the left wall, and a murphy bed tucked right under the window in that corner. This will make the whole space here the living area during the daytime hours, leaving lots of open space for relaxing, working, writing and play!

One of my favourite things that our apartment will feature is a darling playhouse under the entryway stairs! We can’t wait for our little girl’s reaction when she sees that she has a room and space all her own!

We are really starting to make some serious headway as Ryan is working from home for the month of February. We just had this load of wood delivered this morning! He starts framing the walls in this week.

And just one last thing, here’s our entryway! With stairs.

And now without! After framing in the walls, Ryan will be rebuilding the bottom set of stairs with storage inside them. I’m not going to lie, I adore having a handy husband. He’s literally building me a dream home. Is there anything more romantic?! Best valentine ever.

I hope you’ve enjoyed getting a first look at our soon-to-be-home!

7 Responses to “Simple in the City: A ‘First Look’ at the Apartment

  • Justine
    5 years ago

    wowwww!!! Nice work!

  • Looking good!! Christina used a laundry tub (no legs) in the shower for her Jr. when she was a junior. Worked well!

  • Very exciting to see it all come together!

  • Thanks for sharing! So excited for you guys!

  • Danielle
    5 years ago

    Wow, what a ton of work! But it’s looking great, already!

  • So cool!! You guys are doing something amazing here…be proud! What a ton of work about to pay off. Looking forward to seeing finishes and framing!

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