Downsizing: The Kitchen

Let’s start big and beautiful!

The kitchen has been my favourite room to declutter and organize from day one. Paring down to the essentials here has proved challenging and empowering. It has really made me feel as though I have some sort of control over dish build up and the amount of time spent washing dishes. In a very clear way, I have been experiencing how having less actually and practically adds value to my life by freeing up my time from mundane tasks!

Back in the Spring of 2014 I packed away all but 4 of each dish, utensil and cup. I purged my cupboards of multiples and cleared out single use items (provided that I had another double duty item that performed a similar function). My only exception is my toaster! I do have a large counter-top convection oven that has a toaster setting, but I use my toaster every single day! It’s predictable, and I’m lazy. I digress. It’s been so much easier to keep things organized, and I love being able to find things quickly and easily.

Now, you may be wondering how to figure out what is expendable in your kitchen. How will you know what to purge?

5 Tips to Help Re-Evaluate Your Kitchen

1) Take everything out of your cupboard. Become familiar with what you have, and what you use on a regular basis. If you pull something dusty out of a back cupboard and you know you haven’t used it all year – CHUCK IT! What emergency are you foreseeing that you would absolutely maybe need that 4th colander for? Let’s get reeeeeeaaaal!

2) Take stock of what does double duty.

3) Take stock of what does single use jobs.

4) Evaluate each items usefulness to you. What do you depend on? (Think back to me and my toaster!) What do you seldom use but keep anyway? Is it something you could borrow from a friend or family member when you need it?

5) Do you really use that? Let’s be honest with eachother now. I have a beautiful copy of The Joy of Cooking, but it sits in my highest cupboard in the back, gathering dust. I used to flip through it and choose recipes, but I never consult it anymore. In these days with pinterest and other useful websites at my fingertips, I no longer see the appeal of searching through a heavy book. I need to let it go. All those paper plates I’m holding on to? We don’t exactly host a lot of parties. Do I really think I’ll use them up? That big random spice jar? It’s a big nameless spice I haven’t used in five + years. I’m not going to start using it now!

Hopefully these tips will help you get to the bottom of your cupboards and boost your confidence as you make decisions about what to keep and what toss! Just think about all that space you’ll have in your kitchen during the holiday season. *wink
And don’t forget to let it be fun! Pour yourself a glass of something tasty and turn up the music.

Happy purging!


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