How To Choose Which Trend Is Right For You: Part 3

Finally! Time for final installment in my three part series about How To Choose Which Trend Is Right For You!!

If you’ve missed what we’ve discussed so far in this series, here is Part 1 and Part 2.

Today we’ll be chatting about:


Tip Number 3, y’all: Take Your Current Lifestyle Into Account (Not the one you wish you had).


I love high heels, I adore open knit sweaters and I think that white is the shiz no matter what time of year it is!


I’m a mom and I do home daycare. With toddlers.

As you can imagine, I don’t really wear any of those things that often. Heels are for girls nights out and dates with my Darling, while I’ve put off owning an adorable open knit sweater until my little one is a bit older. (Think tiny fingers, giant holes in clothing. No mixy.)
White is my weakness, I’ll admit. I do try to limit my white to easy-to-wash fabrics and ‘going out’ pieces though.

Here’s where the good stuff comes in! Even though I’m home with littles, and I don’t get out into the ‘real world’ that often, I try to dress for success. If I wear yoga pants or sweats every day, I find a direct correlation to my will to give a darn about a lot of other things.

Among other things (like coffee, red wine, painting my nails, and trying to ignore things that can’t be organized yet), I consider wearing jeans to be a form of self-care. Granted, the jeans I wear are super comfy. They have to be! Running around with littles requires clothing that is easy to move in, and easy to throw in the wash when it inevitably gets snot on it. For me, that means no dry clean only stuff. No super structured things. I need sleeves that are easy to roll up for dishwashing, and pants that I can get up and down off the floor in.

This in no way means that I can’t look awesome while doing all these things!

My typical daily uniform consists of comfy-almost-boyfriend-fit jeans, a loose fitting tee, and selection of accessories. Accessories can make the outfit transition from something ordinary to something that feels great and looks great! Throw on an oversized scarf, a favourite pair of earrings, a knitted headband or a cuff bracelet and there ya go. If headed out in that same outfit, toss on an unstructured blazer and some booties. Rock the world! And be comfy, too.

Makes sense, right? You’ll feel so much more comfortable and at home in your clothes if you dress for your lifestyle, not someone else’s. Buying another party dress won’t make sense when you are a stay-at-home-mom, and conversely, that tenth pair of jeans has no place in your closet when you work in an office for 40 hours a week. Look at your life. Look at how you want to feel living it. Simple as that!

Oh, and Happy Halloween!


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