How To Choose Which Trend Is Right For You: Part 1

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Welcome to the first of a three part series on How To Choose Which Trend Is Right For You.

This series was inspired by a someone dear to me who asked, “How do you choose just ONE or just a FEW trends? I get so excited that I want to try everything!”

Well, my love, hopefully this will help you decide!


Tip Numbah One: Know your style.


I’ve mentioned this in previous posts, but pinterest is super handy in this department. Basically what you’ll want to do is set up a secret pinterest board so that you can just chuck that irrational fear of other people seeing your pins and judging you on how terrible your taste is. (Sidenote, it’s not terrible. It’s unique, and that’s awesome! Also, no one is judging you. They are wishing they were bold enough to wear the things you are pinning.) An old-school approach to this, although equally effective, would be to tear looks you love out of fashion mags. Note the patterns you see. Are you constantly pinning pictures of bo-ho-ish delight, or are you gravitating towards clean lines and/or soft pastels?

Try the backwards hanger trick, where you place all of your hangers the opposite way. When you’ve worn an item, turn it around. After an allotted amount of time, get rid of/give away/swap/donate the items that remain unworn! Notice which pieces you are consistently choosing from your closet. What are you continually passing over? Let them go.


Try the ribbon challenge. Tie a ribbon or some string (or anything really) on the end of your clothing rack. Every time you dress, put what you’ve worn on the left hand side of the ribbon! The next time you dress, you must dress from the right side of the ribbon. This helps you to push your creativity, as well as wear more of the clothing in your current collection. It also has the added benefit of showcasing the clothing that you really don’t want to wear. These are the items that will be left on the right hand side of the ribbon when you finish the challenge. Let them go.

These helpful hints will give you a great head start on figuring out what style trends are right for you! Stay tuned, as there are more tips to come!

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