The Things That Travel

What really gets to me as a stay-at-home-working-mom-and-aspiring-minimalist is that there is still. so. much. stuff in my house. Decluttering is definitely a continual process, but how does it build up so fast?!?!

A lot of the daily clutter build up around my home is due to the things that travel. Those daily items that go with you from room to room, seemingly by themselves. Take a moment and think about what those items are for you. For myself, but certainly not limited to: cellphone, charger, notebook, pen, coffee cup, water bottle, sweater, current book. For the littles: water cups, milk cups, blankets, teething rings, stuffys, sweaters, all manner of other things. For the Husband: Pretty much the same stuff as me.

This amounts to a lot of things lying around the house!

There are a couple ways that I’ve learned to control the “traffic” that I would like to share with you!

Firstly, I’ve adopted the method of having a small bin at the bottom of the stairs. It collects things throughout the day that are in transition between floors. It’s super handy, and I tend to empty and fill it several times a day, often on my way up the stairs to do or grab another thing. It has the added benefit of keeping me from creating unsightly piles in the front hall, making my home look significantly cleaner and less cluttered.

Secondly, a few months ago, I was reading (a blog? book? I don’t remember…oops!) about ‘types’ of cleaners (and by this I am referring to people). I am the ‘type’ that tends to get all caught up in cleaning a certain area, therefore dumping things outside the room or hall that I am cleaning. (Thereby making bigger messes in more areas…)
There is another ‘type’ that takes the extra twelve steps to put an item away. This resonated with me BIG time, as my habits in this area annoy even me! (Sorry, Husband!) I have a lot of room to grow in this way, but I often find myself thinking about this ‘type’ as I turn to dump something, and stop. And take the extra twelve steps. It’s amazing how much more peaceful my home feels when I do this!

Here’s to the weekend. May these tips help you gain a little bit more control over the physical clutter in your life! Happy cleaning!

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  • ….and then there is the one-story home with the desk that is the catch all for all the I-will-get-to-it-later things. 😉

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