Sourcing From Your Own Closet

There are several reasons why a capsule wardrobe is desirable to me, one of them being that I create less waste. Being intentional about the number of clothing in my closet leads me to be pickier when choosing a piece in a store or online. As a result I tend to throw out/give away/donate/sell less and less unwanted items.

An important thing to note about my capsule wardrobe is that many pieces are sourced directly from my existing collection. For example, for my fall capsule (which I am still working on, btw) I have intentionally purchased 5 new pieces. I am still looking for up to 3 more + some outerwear. So that means that 25 out of the 33 were sourced from what I already had!

For most budgets, my own included, it is just not practical (or possible) to start from scratch and purchase an entirely new wardrobe. I would also highly discourage you from doing so anyway, as you will learn a lot about yourself and your style over the coming months and years! I have only been building capsules for a short while now, and I’ve already made a few purchases when I was overly gung-ho that I now regret.

The good news is that building a capsule starting with the items that you already own lends itself to creativity and a style that’s tailored specifically by/for you!

Tips For Working With Your Current Wardrobe.

Let’s say that you have this sweater/blouse/skirt that you purchased a few months ago, thinking you would wear it all the time. Instead, it has been sitting on a hanger, and even when you do reach for it, you tend to put it back because you are not sure how to style it. Take this open cardigan for example:

afterlight (8)

I purchased this in the Winter/Early Spring of this past year and have only worn it a handful of times. I haven’t quite been able to put my finger on what exactly it is about this piece that doesn’t sit right with me. By all accounts, it fits all of the criteria that I was looking for at the time! I think maybe it is harder to style than it looks. But this Fall season I’m giving it another chance! I’m breathing new life into this piece by:

  1. Searching for similar items on pinterest and seeing how others styled it.
  2. Intentionally trying new things and stepping outside of my comfort zone.


This and this and this!

Hopefully this makes it easier for you to make those harder to style items in your closet workable, and possibly even favourites! Happy styling!


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