The Camping Capsule Fail

afterlightAlright, so maybe fail is a strong word to use. But seriously. This camping trip was COLD! And wet. And frankly, exhausting. Most of the items you see above were barely worn. From upper left corner in clockwise rotation we have straw hat (never worn), black dress (worn layered with lots of other things), dark chambray button down (basically this only left my body when I showered), sweat shirt with gold detail (I also wore this most of the time), jean jacket (this is quite a fitted jacket, which makes it useless when you are wearing layers, so this was also never worn), black tights (aaaallll day and at night, too), red jeans (whenever wearing tights just wasn’t enough), basic black and white tanks (lets get real here, when it’s not hot, this is just an undershirt), peach shorts (I wore these once, for about 5 seconds), green t-shirt (layered), black and white graphic t-shirt (not pictured because it is now ruined, but it was my favourite shirt so I thought I should give it a shout out. I wore it for the whole trip.), bathing suit (ha!), leopard print scarf (doubles as a hair wrap. Smartest thing I brought!), and a pair of sunglasses (also never really worn).

As you can see, I mostly wore the exact same four items for five days. I DID make use of the laundry facilities though, so don’t judge me! I was a little gung-ho about putting together a super tiny, super functional traveling capsule, and paired down more than I should have. I should have brought at least two more heavier sweaters and another pair of pants. As well as a puffy vest. and a long sleeved shirt. And a warm hat.

This summer has been crazy!

All in all, I’m glad I tried it. It was a good learning curve, and now I know better for next time!

4 Responses to “The Camping Capsule Fail

  • I still admire your positive outlook throughout our ‘weather/baby challenging’ haakcation2014!

  • LOL!!
    Love you.
    You should KNOW by now that Ott’s have more cold camp outs than hot ones 😉
    You’re funny-I enjoyed this blog

  • E for effort though! I think it was a great learning experience, right? I might classify some of my camping wear as “sports/athletic clothes” and so not part of my 33 capsule wear. What do you think?

    • Cassandra Vandenhaak
      6 years ago

      Hi Marie!
      Yes, it was a great learning experience! I did have one sweater set aside as ‘camping wear’ and didn’t include it in my 33. I think that if it’s not something that you would wear any other time it’s fine to do that! I mean, the project is supposed to be tailored to fit, after all! I find that the most freeing bit of all.

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