5 Questions To Ask Yourself When Confronted With a Fantastic Sale

afterlight (5)It’s been one of those days.

After sending the kiddies off and tucking my own little duck in bed, I sat down and thought to myself, “What I wouldn’t give to go shopping right now. Oooo, a glass of wine would be nice. Preferably those two things at the same time.”

Confession. As an aspiring minimalist, I still often get the urge to shop. And now that Autumn is fast approaching, planning my fall capsule has kicked that desire into high gear.

Does someone aspiring to live with less have to quell his/her love of clothes?!

Heck to the No!

If anything, over the past year, my appreciation for and love of fashion has only increased, as has my desire to learn more about it. Odd though it sounds, I spend WAY more time thinking about clothes now (thinking about and researching how to build a great capsule, sourcing the right pieces, reading fashion blogs, planning and putting together cohesive and creative outfits…), but considerably less time worrying about what I wear.

A friend of mine asked me the other day, “What does a minimalist do when she has the urge to shop?” I’ve been thinking a lot about this question, and my answer is:

Channel It!

Channel it into capsule planning and learning about fashion. Use that energy and knowledge to pick the best pieces to enhance your current collection and give your closet a fresh feel! And never walk into a mall without a very good idea (if not a written list) of what you are looking for.

Here’s why: if you walk into a mall without a clear objective, it’s very easy to get ‘lost’ and end up purchasing items you may never wear, or pieces you don’t love. “But the DEAL, o-me-o-my I just could NOT pass it up! At (this price) I couldn’t afford NOT to buy it!”

The trouble with this line of thinking is that you believe what you say. If you tell yourself and others that you would be crazy not to indulge in a fabulous sale, you are setting yourself up for trouble. Be wary of what it is that you are preaching to yourself, because you may be paving the way for a closet full of nothing to wear!

Here Are 5 Questions to Ask Yourself When Confronted With a Fantastic Sale:

1) Is the item on my list?
This is a very important question, because if you are serious about creating a quality capsule full of pieces you love, if you really wanted something (and you could afford it), it would be on your list! So if the answer is no, DON’T BUY IT. Give yourself permission to walk away. Believe it or not, it will feel soooo good when you do.

2)What type of material is the item made of?
Again, if you’re committed to creating a great capsule wardrobe, be sure that the piece in question is made of a material that a] has the ability to withstand lots of wash and wear and b] is actually something you would want to wear next to your skin for long periods of time. Do you really want to wear that super-chemically-weirdly-shiney tee shirt just because it’s on sale and will look good all the way until you get home?

3)What is the fit like?
Is it flattering to your body type? Does it look as good on you (or better!) as it does on the hanger?

4)Will it last for even a single season if worn and washed often?
Self explanatory.

5) Do I love it?
Even if all the other answers are yes, if this is a no, give yourself permission to walk away. Don’t commit to an item that you don’t love!

BAM! So there you are. Armed to the teeth and ready for your next shopping trip! Beware malls, you can’t confuse us into buying stuff we don’t want anymore!

I’ll leave you with a few words by Tammy Strobel that I think about often, (from her book “You Can Buy Happiness, And It’s Cheap!”) “Everything you bring into your house becomes your responsibility. You have to care for it, clean it, and ultimately, dispose of it.”


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